Kayla and Stefan were wed last month on one of the most beautiful days of the summer. It was warm, breezy, and blue skies abound. This was my first time at the new Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn in Berrien Springs, Michigan and boy oh boy did I fall in love with this location. I already knew it was going to be an amazing day as Kayla and Stefan were a delight to photograph for their engagement session. Adding this amazing location was just icing! I shot my heart out this day and below are but a few of my favorites.

001_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography002_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography003_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography004_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography005_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn PhotographyThe ever entertaining and delightful Allie was the maid of honor for Kayla. She was a favorite bride from a few years ago.

006_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography007_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography008_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn PhotographyKalya’s Mom showing me the lace from her own wedding veil that had been stitched into Kayla’s dress, how sweet is that!

009_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography010_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography011_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography012_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography013_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography014_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography015_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography016_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography017_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography018_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography019_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography020_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography021_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography022_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography023_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography024_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography025_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography026_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography027_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography028_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography029_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography030_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography031_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography032_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography033_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography034_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography035_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography036_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography037_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography038_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography039_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography040_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography041_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography042_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography043_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography

Seriously they just snuggle up like this constantly, no direction needed. I love it!


044_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography045_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography046_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography047_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography048_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography049_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography050_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography051_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography052_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography053_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography054_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography055_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography056_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography057_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography058_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography059_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography060_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography

The groom had wanted top hats and canes for the gentlemen that idea however got veto’d by the bride. A few friends got together and made is fancy man dreams come true! It was a super fun moment of the night.

061_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography

This tree. My heart.

062_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography063_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography064_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography065_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography

Poppies! They are my favorite and I was so excited to spot a field of them off in the distance from the barn. Thanks for trekking through the weeds to get to it with me guys!

066_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography

067_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography068_Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photography

Such a beautiful couple and day to be a part of, thank you Kayla and Stefan for including me in your special day! I wish you both the best of life and love together!

Bride’s Dress: Alfred Angelo
Flowers – Small Town Wedding
Groom’s attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Cake: Classic Catering
DJ/band: Party in a Box —AMAZING DJ! Will be featuring him soon on a new vendor page I’m cooking up!
Other vendors: Food – Classic Catering
Beverage – Beverage Specialists



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Sarah and Steve were married the first weekend in June up in Gaylord, Michigan. This couple was such a joy to work with! Their love and kindness toward each other made taking their portraits an absolute delight. The pretty coral details were perfectly planned and the whole day was just a bunch of smiles and pretties! Sarah found me through a few friends of hers that I also photographed their weddings, nothing makes me happier than getting referred and even better when those awesome familiar faces are at new weddings, I love it! Funny story from this wedding we were at this amazing private property for portraits and I was picking out some neat spots for us to use. While roaming around I spotted a small bird hopping through the grass…quite a ways away from me I should add. However Mama bird didn’t think I was keeping a safe distance and for the next 15 minutes she began circling my head and swooping down aggressively, it was both comical and terrifying. LOL. That was for sure a first for me! Luckily no bird impaled my head during this wedding. 🙂 Here are a few of my favorites from Sarah and Steve’s day! Congrats to the lovely couple!!

001_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography002_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography003_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography004_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography005_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography006_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography007_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography008_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography009_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography010_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography011_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography012_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography013_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography014_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography015_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography016_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography017_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography018_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography019_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography020_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography021_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography022_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography023_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography024_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography025_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography026_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography027_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography028_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography029_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography030_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography031_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography032_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography033_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography034_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography035_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography036_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography037_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography038_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography039_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography040_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography041_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography042_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography043_Gaylord Michigan Wedding Photography

Bride’s Dress: Maggie Sottero
Groom’s attire: Joseph Abood
Decor or rentals: BJs Restaurant and Catering
Cake: Sugar Me Sweet- Gaylord MI
DJ/band: Rusch Entertainment

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These two are getting married in a few short weeks and I just realized I neglected to post some of their downtown Grand Rapids engagement pictures. Craziness. I loved getting to know these two better as we walked around the city on a brisk winter day. These two first met when Stefan was an exchange student from Norway in high school. Stefan came back to attend school at Michigan Tech and two reunited and though often separated by many miles and sometimes an ocean they grew closer and are not making it official after 4 years of dating. Love this quote from their wedding page….”When two hearts are meant for each other, no distance is too far, no time too long and no other love can break them apart”.

I met this couple for the first time at Ali and Kyle’s wedding back in 2014 at Eve downtown. They were tearing up the dance floor in the most adorable fashion. It was pretty clear they were smitten so I told them they better hire me when they get engaged, I’m so glad they did! Can’t wait to spend the day with these two lovebirds at the Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn!2016-05-28_00052016-05-28_0002


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  • Hidden Vineyard Wedding Barn Photographer - […] knew it was going to be an amazing day as Kayla and Stefan were a delight to photograph for their engagement session. Adding this amazing location was just icing! I shot my heart out this day and below are but a few […]

This one is a little special for me. Melissa and Jacob are getting married September 2016 and I am THRILLED to be their photographer. Not only are they an adorable couple completely crazy about each other, what’s not to love about that?! But on top of all that goodness Melissa used to be my babysitter for my kiddos so I’m just over the moon happy for her and thrilled to be a part of her wedding day! We spent the most perfect fall day in Fallasburg Park last fall and got these gems while there.  It was a wonderful collaboration of the whole team, Jacob had some wonderful ideas, the fishing lure being one of them. How cool is that one by the way?! I love it! It’s always wonderful to include your personal story and hobbies into your engagement session. Brainstorm together before your session about things that are important to you as a couple and as individual, weaving these details into your session can make the images so much more special and personal. I cannot wait to see all the goodies they have planned for their September wedding up in Traverse City, Michigan.

Enjoy these favorites from their session at Fallasburg Park! If you’ve never been to this gorgeous Michigan spot be sure to make time to check it out, it’s beautiful! Here is their park page for more information.


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  • Melissa Rose - Love this! We had SUCH a great day with Amanda and made so many fun memories! Amanda knows how to make you feel instantly comfortable, relaxed and poses you in the most flattering ways. The pictures turned out way better than I could even dream of! Thanks again!!

Had the pleasure of photographing this adorable couple last fall, love getting to work with couples for their engagement photography. Even if your getting married out of state, or just have another lined up for your wedding photography I love shooting engagement photos! We strolled around downtown Grand Rapids and Riverside park to capture their engagement portraits. I truly love this city, Grand Rapids has so much to offer us photographers. So many beautiful and fun locations to shoot at all in walking distance of one another. Margie and Scott fell in love in this city and are both outdoorsy so we picked downtown settings to show off the city as well as some locations that focused more on nature. I’m really pleased with the collection we put together with these locations. Engagement portraits are a great way to showcase different aspects of your relationship together and bond. Pieces you might not be able to integrate into your wedding theme or decor. Think about hobbies you enjoy together or things that brought you together, maybe even the first date location or activity can be included. Make it personal! They’ll be treasured even more!


Congrats on your engagement Margie and Scott! I wish you both all the best of life and love together!

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