Emily and Nate | Goei Center Wedding

This was a amazingly fun wedding to be a part of! Emily and Nate are both incredibly cool people and they put on an lovely Goei Center wedding. The details of the day were personal , sweet and beautifully done. The special first look included a surprise serenade to the bride, not a dry eye in the house.  I LOVED their table cards and decor details. They had the ever awesome Cakabakery for their sweets table and the super duper amazing AB for the days music. And if all this wasn’t enough she stunned us all in her gorgeous BHLDN dress…it was magical. Can we do it again Emily and Nate?!?


This beautiful fur wrap was found the day before the wedding. It belongs to the Bride’s grandmother and matched her gown perfectly and was a welcome addition on the very chill snowy day. 002_goei-center-wedding 003_goei-center-wedding 004_goei-center-wedding 005_goei-center-wedding 006_goei-center-wedding 007_goei-center-wedding
009_goei-center-wedding 010_goei-center-wedding 011_goei-center-wedding 012_goei-center-wedding 013_goei-center-wedding 014_goei-center-wedding 015_goei-center-wedding 016_goei-center-wedding 017_goei-center-wedding 018_goei-center-wedding 019_goei-center-wedding 020_goei-center-wedding 021_goei-center-wedding 022_goei-center-wedding 023_goei-center-wedding 024_goei-center-wedding 025_goei-center-wedding 026_goei-center-wedding 027_goei-center-wedding 028_goei-center-wedding 029_goei-center-wedding 030_goei-center-wedding 031_goei-center-wedding 032_goei-center-wedding 033_goei-center-wedding 034_goei-center-wedding 035_goei-center-wedding 036_goei-center-wedding 037_goei-center-wedding 038_goei-center-wedding 039_goei-center-wedding 040_goei-center-wedding 041_goei-center-wedding 042_goei-center-wedding 043_goei-center-wedding 044_goei-center-wedding 045_goei-center-wedding 046_goei-center-wedding 047_goei-center-wedding 048_goei-center-wedding 049_goei-center-wedding 050_goei-center-wedding 051_goei-center-wedding 052_goei-center-wedding 053_goei-center-wedding 054_goei-center-wedding 055_goei-center-wedding 056_goei-center-wedding 057_goei-center-wedding 058_goei-center-wedding

This was a fun request from the couple. Neat double exposure. 059_goei-center-wedding

Love love love her ring!060_goei-center-wedding 061_goei-center-wedding 062_goei-center-wedding 063_goei-center-wedding 064_goei-center-wedding 065_goei-center-wedding 066_goei-center-wedding 067_goei-center-wedding 068_goei-center-wedding 069_goei-center-wedding 070_goei-center-wedding 071_goei-center-wedding 072_goei-center-wedding 073_goei-center-wedding 074_goei-center-wedding 075_goei-center-wedding 076_goei-center-wedding 077_goei-center-wedding 078_goei-center-wedding 079_goei-center-wedding 080_goei-center-wedding 081_goei-center-wedding 082_goei-center-wedding 083_goei-center-wedding 084_goei-center-wedding 085_goei-center-wedding 086_goei-center-wedding 087_goei-center-wedding 088_goei-center-wedding 089_goei-center-wedding 090_goei-center-wedding 091_goei-center-wedding 092_goei-center-wedding 093_goei-center-wedding 094_goei-center-wedding 095_goei-center-wedding 096_goei-center-wedding 097_goei-center-wedding 098_goei-center-wedding

Little photobooth fun! 099_goei-center-wedding 100_goei-center-wedding

Congrats to the beautiful couple! Such a wonderful day of laughter and joy!


Special thanks to my second shooter Tim of Tim Kamppinen Photography.

Bride’s Dress: BHLDN
Groom’s attire: Custom suit by BZACH
Cake: Cakabakery
DJ/band: Adrian Butler
Other vendors: Special Occasions Linens
Above and Beyond Catering

Amanda Kamppinen:

West Michigan born and raised. I call Grand Rapids home but I make many excuses to be lakeside. I will always be trying to make you laugh. It's my way.

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