Meaghan and Andrew | Muskegon Wedding Photography | 10.18.13

Meaghan and Andrews wedding was much anticipated by myself. This couple is just the sweetest, most darling couple you’ll ever meet and they are a blast to photograph! Their families were just as great and the whole day was filled with laughter and love. Their reception was at the new Fricano’s Place, it is a very cool building if you’re looking for a location in Muskegon for sure check it out!

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Congrats Meaghan and Andrew! It was such an honor to watch you two become husband and wife. I know big things are in store for you two together. All the best!!

Bride’s Dress: Sottero & Midgley, Renee Austin Wedding
Groom’s attire: Vera Wang
Decor or rentals: Chair Cover Collection
Cake: KJ’s Sweet Treats
DJ/band: Bee Entertainment
Florist – Gail VanderLaan Floral
Caterer – Above & Beyond Catering String Quartet – Heritage Hill String Quartet

Amanda Kamppinen:

West Michigan born and raised. I call Grand Rapids home but I make many excuses to be lakeside. I will always be trying to make you laugh. It's my way.

Fun Facts:

Favorite band:

The National

Favorite Food:

Mall Pretzels

Favorite Podcast:

The Neighborhood Listen

Favorite lake:


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