Kristin and Michael | 09.26.15 | Tullymore in Stanwood, Michigan Wedding

Loved this beautiful day at Tullymore Golf Resort! This was my first time shooting a wedding at Tullymore, and I can’t wait to go back and shoot her again. Located in Stanwood Michigan Tullymore has beautiful grounds and lovely rooms. The couple got ready here in there own areas of the Resort and we then had a first look out back by the neat old clock they have on the grounds. Their young son made the day so much fun, he is a busy dude and kept everyone on their toes and laughing. The details were all wonderfully planned and everyone had a wonderful time. The dance floor was hopping and the outdoor fire pits were full of conversation all night long. Kristin and Michael were so easy to work with, they adore each other and it was easy to see how much they loved being around one another, that and the fact they are both gorgeous made them pretty great subjects! Thank you Kristin and Michael for including me on your lovely day, it was an honor to be your photographer.  Hope you enjoy these favorites!

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Congrats to the lovely couple Kristin and Michael!


Special thanks to Tim of Tim Kamppinen Photography for the amazing job second shooting this wedding with me!


Bride’s Dress: Fantastic Finds
Groom’s attire: Men’s Warehouse
Decor or rentals: Marshals Outdoor Rentals
Cake: Three Girls Bakery
DJ/band: Moments In Time
Other vendors: Patterson Flowers

Amanda Kamppinen:

West Michigan born and raised. I call Grand Rapids home but I make many excuses to be lakeside. I will always be trying to make you laugh. It's my way.

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The National

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Mall Pretzels

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The Neighborhood Listen

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