Aryn and Dean | 05.24.15 | Millcreek Barn Wedding in Watervliet, Michigan

Aryn and Dean were wed on a beautiful May day at one of my all time favorite wedding locations, Millcreek Barn in Watervliet Michigan. The details of their day were so beautifully planned, the decor was a lovely mix of classic elegance and country charm.  Millcreek is one of my all time favorite locations to photograph! It is overflowing with charm and perfect portrait spots. Every wedding I’ve ever shot there I’ve loved, and the guests of each have all been so impressed with how unique and fun the location is. The floral arrangements for the day were put together by the talented Marco Alexzondra, if your looking for a florist for sure check him out! His passion and attention to detail are hard to match. Aryn and Dean were a dream to work with, not only beautiful people but also genuinely great humans to spend a day with. I’m so thankful to have the honor of capturing their wedding day. Such a fun and loving couple, so many smiles (maybe a few tears too) from all their friends and family as this beautiful couple became a family.

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010_millcreek barn wedding photography011_millcreek barn wedding photography

Such a radiant Bride! 012_millcreek barn wedding photography013_millcreek barn wedding photography014_millcreek barn wedding photography015_millcreek barn wedding photography016_millcreek barn wedding photography017_millcreek barn wedding photography018_millcreek barn wedding photography019_millcreek barn wedding photography020_millcreek barn wedding photography021_millcreek barn wedding photography022_millcreek barn wedding photography023_millcreek barn wedding photography024_millcreek barn wedding photography025_millcreek barn wedding photography026_millcreek barn wedding photography027_millcreek barn wedding photography028_millcreek barn wedding photography029_millcreek barn wedding photography030_millcreek barn wedding photography031_millcreek barn wedding photography032_millcreek barn wedding photography033_millcreek barn wedding photography034_millcreek barn wedding photography035_millcreek barn wedding photography

The groom and groomsman wanted to do a kissy face photo too, so funny!

036_millcreek barn wedding photography037_millcreek barn wedding photography038_millcreek barn wedding photography039_millcreek barn wedding photography040_millcreek barn wedding photography

Marco really did an amazing job on these tables! His link is at the bottom if you’re looking for a florist for sure check him out!041_millcreek barn wedding photography042_millcreek barn wedding photography043_millcreek barn wedding photography044_millcreek barn wedding photography045_millcreek barn wedding photography046_millcreek barn wedding photography047_millcreek barn wedding photography048_millcreek barn wedding photography049_millcreek barn wedding photography050_millcreek barn wedding photography

Love these sweet moments headed to the ceremony.
051_millcreek barn wedding photography052_millcreek barn wedding photography

The Bride and Groom invited some family to read some advice from children on marriage they had found online, it was so cute!053_millcreek barn wedding photography054_millcreek barn wedding photography055_millcreek barn wedding photography056_millcreek barn wedding photography057_millcreek barn wedding photography058_millcreek barn wedding photography059_millcreek barn wedding photography060_millcreek barn wedding photography061_millcreek barn wedding photography062_millcreek barn wedding photography063_millcreek barn wedding photography064_millcreek barn wedding photography065_millcreek barn wedding photography066_millcreek barn wedding photography067_millcreek barn wedding photography068_millcreek barn wedding photography069_millcreek barn wedding photography070_millcreek barn wedding photography071_millcreek barn wedding photography072_millcreek barn wedding photography073_millcreek barn wedding photography074_millcreek barn wedding photography075_millcreek barn wedding photography076_millcreek barn wedding photography

Jessica Smith did a great job of making sure everything was perfectly in it’s place and all went according to plan. Planners are such a great investment and relieve so much stress on the couple!077_millcreek barn wedding photography078_millcreek barn wedding photography079_millcreek barn wedding photography

Congrats Aryn and Dean! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and love!

Bride’s Dress: Eva’s Bridal
Planner/Coorinator: Jessica Smith

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