Megan and Matt | 10 years | Long Beach Anniversary Session

A long long time ago, 14 years ago to be precise, I left home to move out to the Bay area with some friends. I was only 18 and got homesick very quickly after leaving. Though I didn’t live there for long I did have the pleasure of meeting these two lovely individuals and not only working with them but befriending them. Megan is one of those people that you just can’t help but love the moment you meet her, and I did, and still do, and always will. Matt felt the same way when he met her and I am very proud of the fact I played a tiny role in their early courtship.  Today marks their 10 year anniversary. I flew out last week to my long lost friends to take some anniversary photos for them.

Happy Anniversary Megan and Matt! It was such a pleasure to reconnect with you both. You are both clearly still very smitten with one another and it was so sweet to see in person. The only down side is now I miss you even more, we’ll have to do it again much sooner this time!



It is worth noting that these two run two amazing businesses out of there sweet new home, check out Honey and Poppies their floral business and Ghost Academy their handmade card business.

Have a wonderful day Matt and Megan! And thanks again for letting me stay with you and take your photos. <3

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