General –

Where are you located?
I’m based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan but am available for travel worldwide. (Seriously, I’m passport ready and almost completely packed, take me to Greece!)

Do you have a studio?
I do. I have a warehouse space studio with lots of options for individuals and families. You can see photos of it here.

Will you have location ideas if I don’t know where to go?
I will have many suggestions! I’m always location scouting and if you give me some ideas of the type of location you are looking for I’ll give you options to consider. Photographers’ choice is always an option too if you are feeling up for whatever.

Weddings –

Do you travel?
I do. Wherever you are getting married in the world I can be there. Weddings outside of the West Michigan area will incur travel fees, happy to get you a quote on your location. Click the contact button in the top corner to get in touch.

Do you help with timelines?
Absolutely. Here you will find my basic timeline guide, any questions you have leading up to your event about timeline or flow of events I’m happy to help with. A month before your event I will email you a questionnaire to go over all the details of the day and finalize the timeline. We will then schedule a call to go over all the details of the day and make sure we have a solid plan for getting all the photography done and enjoy your day.

What is the booking process look like?
When you’ve made your collection decision and you’re ready to book your wedding agreement and $500.00 retainer is due to secure the date for you on the calendar. Simply email me when you’re ready and I’ll send it your way.

When do I receive my images back?
Wedding galleries are delivered in 4-6 weeks after the event. A preview will be posted 2-4 days after the wedding. You can opt out of the preview if you wish.

Do I need a wedding album?
In a word, yes. Screens are amazing but they can’t hold a candle to the real deal. These gorgeous albums carefully curated to tell your story are the ultimate keepsake of your day. See an example wedding albums here. I have many in the studio you’re welcome to come by and see them in person too.

Will you pose us?
I will. Though not too much. I do like to get you into a flattering position for the image I’m creating but after setting it up I’ll encourage you to engage with each other more and make it a natural position for you together.

Can you help pick out locations?
I would be happy to help with all location scouting and selection. If you in Grand Rapids I already have too many ideas for you. I love finding new spots to shoot and can locate interesting areas that you might not think of that would be amazing in photography.

What if I hate having my photos taken?
I’m with you there! Being in front of the camera can be a bit overwhelming at first. My goal is to get you focused on each other and less on me during the day. That’s when the magic happens! An engagement session is a wonderful opportunity if you’re feeling nervous, to be able to ‘practice’ for the wedding day.

Do you carry liability insurance and backup equipment?
I sure do! I’m fully insured as well as carry a complete set of backup gear and a small army of lighting gear for any lighting situation that may come my way.

What if you get hit by a bus the day before our wedding?
I will do my best to not get hit by a bus or other freak accident but in the event, something happens to me before your wedding I will find an emergency backup in my large network of photographer friends and colleagues to take my place. In all my years this has never happened but it is something I have a plan for.

Portraits –

How long is my session?
There are two portrait session options; the mini-session and the full session. The mini-session is just that, a quick 20-minute session to grab a few portraits before meltdown time. I highly recommend these sessions for all toddler ages. Mini sessions are available in the studio only unless there is a special mini-session day on location. The full sessions are usually an hour but sometimes a bit longer if we are doing two locations or outfit changes.

What is the best time of the day to shoot?
Ideally when children are happiest and most likely to be cooperative. For lighting outdoors avoiding the middle of the day is best and right before sunset is some amazing light, that doesn’t always work for the sleep/nap schedule though.  We can make anytime of day work, happy children is the most important factor to success. 

What do I wear?
Outfits that coordinate but are not too matchy matchy are best. I would pick a palette of colors and build the wardrobe of the family around that. Like a base of two neutrals (black and grey as an example) and as a few accent colors (teal and emerald). There is no wrong way to do this though I know that’s the most stressful part of planning the session. Important things to think about is where will you be hanging or displaying these. If they are going into a room that is decorated all in blues and browns maybe stay away from yellow and red, pick a palette that would compliment where they will be used.

Will you pose me?
I will pose you and we will work to make everyone look their best in the photos! That will include usually a few adjustments to poses as we go and possibly some jumping around like a crazy person to captivate little ones and get them to smile.

How long till I get the images back?
Sessions are delivered in 4-6 weeks. You will receive a link to your online gallery via email and when you log in (with the email you provided on the contract) you will be able to download your full-res files directly from the gallery.

Are they retouched?
Files are edited for color/density and will be lightly retouched if needed. If there is a specific concern you have please let me know. If it is outside of normal processing additional retouching can be requested at no charge with any print ordered from the studio.


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